Beauty Fitness for Working Individuals

Remember guys whenever we talk about beauty fitness it means that exercise shouldn’t be super intense nor in speed i.e. easy exercises because frown lines would appear.

With intensity you tend to frown your face and with easy relaxed exercises your face muscles remain relaxed and circulation is enabled, oxygenation is enabled and that brings beauty to your face.

So do all the exercises let’s say our Indian way of getting into a mountain ‘tadasana’ position from that getting into serpentine ‘ bhujang asana’ position back into mountain position back into serpentine position all with breathing in breathing out very slowly.

Then after doing 8 to 10 counts of it from mountain position bounce into a frog position as you breath out and frog position bounce back into plank position then get your right hand up slowly stabilizing your body on your left hand bring your right hand down again breath out and take your left hand up stabilising your body on your right hand.

Repeat this   for four five time after which stand up and simply walk circulating your arms backward and forward slowly breathing in and breathing out.

With this you will get energized your frown lines will get neturalized and your beauty will get Mickeymized !!

Fitness Exercises for all Brides to Be

Fitness exercises for ‘brides to be’ should be nothing other than yoga.

Brides need to be contoured not just in their bodies but in their minds as well.

And brides need to be uplifted in their spirit as well.

No exercise befits better than doing yoga asanas with mindfulness of full light, full awareness and which gives an spiritual and emotional surg.

So sitting in ‘vajrasana’ quietly or sitting in ‘sukhasana ‘ quietly before your start.

Thereafter getting into ‘trikonasan’ thereafter getting into ‘tadasan‘ thereafter getting into ‘paschimasana’ thereafter getting into ‘setubandhasan’ thereafter getting into ‘chakrasana’ and last but not the least ‘dhanurasana’.

For a grand finale double ‘pavanamuktasan’ and get into ‘shavasana’ and simply relax.

All these asanas to be held for two to three minutes as you progress but no intensity and please seek a supervisor, a good qualified trainer.

 Get your health optimized, being a bride maximized  and the shape of your mind, body and spirit Mickeymized !!!

Burn Festive Calories

Burn festive calories for which I have a simple formula, a sandwich formula.

 The sandwich formula is wake up in the morning go for a walk.

After which come back do your side twists, side bends, forward and backward bending to recover.

Do jumping jacks 20 to 30 times and again do forward backward bending to recover.

Then go on your back lie down and get into ‘naukasana’ holding your stomach tight as you breath out getting into a boat position.

Breath in and relax and again get into a breath out ‘naukasana’ position and relax.

Thereafter squeeze one knee at a time and breath out with your upper body come up hug your one knee with forehead to the knee and alternate that.

Get into a plank position and start mountain climbing which means right leg front, left leg stretched, alternate the legs in front and then back change the position with a bounce.

Then come up to your side bends after you do your side bends do your spot jog.

After which do your abs where rest your legs on a sofa hands stretched back and gradually bring your legs up and upper body up trying to do ‘pushtuma asana’ vertically up facing the sky hands touching the toes breathing out and coming up breathing in and breathing out and going down.

Relax in ‘shavasana’.

In the evenings I would suggest go for a yoga stretch complete stretch opening up of the legs folding of one leg into the thigh and doing a half ‘pushtuma asana’.

Then doing a full ‘pushtuma asana’ then doing a ‘bhujang asana’ then putting your leg on sofa high up at your hip level breathing out and come to your toes to touch it.

Do waist bends and waist twists.

Spot walk slowly taking your hands full up in ‘tadasana’ and bring them down as you breath out, again take them up in ‘tadasana’ as you breath in and bring them down. Do this walk for 8 to 10 minutes.

Post that you can do half squatting gently or do sofa climbing or stool climbing one by one very slowly.

Post that you will get into ‘ulta naukasana’ where you get on your stomach hands behind your lower back and as you breath out you come up with your upper body and your lower body and you hold the position well. Do that around 8 to 10 times very slowly.

Finally get into a position where you stretch up with your hands interlace your fingers and stand up in ‘tadasana’ walk in the front walk backwards walk to the sides left and right both. Release your ‘tadasana’ then gently stretch up breath out and come down try and touch your hands to the toes slowly you can keep your knees soft.

Sit in ‘sukhasana’ simply breath in and breath out slowly followed with ‘anulom vilom’ to calm you down, quieten you down.   

This is a great burn post party festive season.

With this your extra fat will get neutralized, your fat muscle ratio will get optimized, your energy tenacity and resilience will get Mickeymized !!!